BMW | Supra S58 G80 G82 B58 DME Unlocking

BMW | Supra S58 G80 G82 B58 DME Unlocking

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Firstly, the ‘FEMTO Unlock’ is an $850 mail-in DME Unlock service provided by the company Femto in Finland. At the present time, this is the only unlock option available in the world for 06/2020 and newer BMW cars. The average cost to mail the computer in is $350 one way.

All vehicles with a production date after 06/2020 require the Femto unlock for any sort of tuning.


Additionally, a DME Unlock of MEVD17.x.x and MG1 series computers enables OBD based tuning. This is a prerequisite for such platforms as Bootmod3 (, and MHD ( over the OBD Port.

Equally, this unlock works with Bootmod3 and MHD, though they are not required with our tunes.


To clarify, at the start of June of 2020, all BMW DMEs produced were shipped with an updated bootloader that rendered OBD Flash Tuning using existing protocols impossible. For a short time, there was no solution for this problem.

Currently, as the community still anxiously waits for a USA Based DME Unlock for MG1 computers, there is a solution available. The company known as Femto offers a mail-in service now known as the Femto Unlock. This unlocks your DME, making OBD Flash Programming possible.


  1. Purchase the product from this page. When you purchase this product, you’re also purchasing the shipping labels (Both Ways).
  2. Remove your DME from your vehicle.
  3. Purchase your Unlock from this website.
  4. Mail your DME to FEMTO VIA our shipping/Customer papers work
  5. Wait 7-14 Business Days.
  6. Receive your unlocked DME
  7. Reinstall in your vehicle
  8. Flash with the tool of your choice.

In the meantime your DME will be shipped via DHL to Finland, where it will be unlocked and returned back to Cedar Performance Headquarters. In most cases with standard shipping this is an 7-14 business day turnaround.

DME Unlock + Bootmod3 is ideal for Custom Tuning!

Looking for a DME Unlock for a vehicle produced BEFORE 06/2020? 

  • Charge is PER DME, V8 Customers will be subject to TWO Unlock charges.
  • Services must be provided through the mail. Simply ship your DME/ECU to FEMTO and will get it back on Time.

 All orders are subject to shipping charges.

We are working around the clock to get your orders processed. In most cases, we are able to meet our standard processing times, however processing time may extend to 7-14 business days during this unprecedented time.

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