Automotive Detail Specialist

 We are excited to offer more services than just being your #1 source for aero dynamic products!
We offer a wide variety of detailing packages to suit your needs!
Keeping our shop cars not only running good but looking good is our number one priority!

  Ceramic Coating 

Protective coating for Paint, Vinyl and PPF.

AERO SHIELD DIAMOND is a 10H ceramic coating that brings together the highest quality German ingredients and a reduced solvent structure that produces truly world-class results.

Using cutting edge Nano Hexagonal Matrix Technology, in conjunction with unsurpassed levels of SiO2, SHIELD DIAMOND will give you a lifetime of rich, deep gloss while protecting your investment from UV fade, scratches and environmental damages for up to 7 years. 



 Paint Correction Prep Work To ensure we are working with a clean surface we start every paint correction/ power polish job with the following:

Pre-wash to remove dirt & debris

Snow foam bath to remove contaminants

2 bucket hand wash with pH balanced soap

3 stage decontamination to remove embedded debris

Iron decontamination on vehicle body and wheels

Clay bar decontamination on body to remove tar and other contaminants  Wheel decontamination and cleaning

We ensure your getting the best quality possible